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husband and wife owned ♡


Awaken the adventurer within and embrace the world as your playground. From the towering peaks of the highest mountains to the depths of untouched forests and the thrill of fresh powder, our husband-and-wife-owned brand, founded in the heart of Colorado, inspires every journey.


We're on a mission to keep Mother Nature smiling by minimizing our ecological footprint. While we know we can’t wave a magic wand to make everything perfect, we're ditching the nasties and embracing the good stuff wherever we can. We’re constantly dreaming up new, greener ways to create our gear, ensuring every step we take is a step toward a healthier planet. As a brand rooted in the spirit of adventure, we aim to inspire you to explore the outdoors. So gear up, get outside, and explore, knowing you’re part of a fun, earth loving crew dedicated to making the world a better place!


↠ absorbs carbon + cleans the air we breathe

↠ supports biodiversity

↠ filters the water we drink

↠ benefits human health + happiness

↠ because, nature ↟

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MT. ACONCAGUA [ aa·kuhn·kaa·gwuh ]

 Elevation: 22,837′ First ascent: 1897 Prominence: 22,841′ Mountain range: Andes 

Our brand is named after one of the seven summits, Aconcagua. It is the highest mountain in the Americas and we are ready to take it to the top. 

↠ Located in Mendoza, Argentina.

↠ Aconcagua is one of the seven summits.

↠ Highest peak in the Americas.

↠ Aconcagua is part of the Andes Mountains chain. The mountain is believed to have its origins in volcanic activity, but it is not an active volcano

Photographed by Salvador Cuellar

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